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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

You've been a very naughty girl, go to my room...

Kasia triangle bra and Kasia big knickers

I'm pretty lucky, in that quite a few things make me genuinely happy. You know, that eye-creasing, smile cracking hopping-from-foot-to-foot that somehow makes you feel like you're fizzing and glowing at once. Of course, there's all sorts that make me the more common-or-garden sort of perky, like the obvious sunlight through the curtains in the morning, or a tinny car radio piping pop, and steering-wheel-tapping pleasure, into a drawn out journey, or particular varieties of pic-n-mix. But then there's the rare stuff, the gold label of happiness that only appears from time to time, but that makes you frantically want to ring your mum and tell her all about it, very fast and even more high-pitched, when it does.

At the risk of sounding vaguely smug, I've had some very merry moments across the board lately. And up there with the best of them has to be the offer of an internship with luxury lingerie brand Lascivious. In contrast to the cool factor of this opportunity, my reaction was flailing myself around the kitchen like a puppet on manically jangling strings, until setting fire to my tasselled poncho on the hob, while simultaneously pasta-cooking and animatedly enthusing to a housemate. I can confirm, however, that I am in my final few days of the six week placement, and have not yet set myself, or anyone else in the studio, alight. Thank God for microwaves.

One of the reasons why I applied to Lascivious was because of the striking yet classic femininity they show through their brand (as well as being all sorts of sexy), and the Autumn/Winter collection, released on July 27th, demonstrates this perfectly...

Kasia waistcoat, with Suki bodysuit

Kasia waistcoat, with Suki bodysuit

The Lascivious Autumn/Winter collection struts effortlessly ahead of the competition. The Kasia set is on-trend with fringing- boldly framing here and coyly concealing there, it's a true weapon of seduction- as are the Suki pieces, a crisp, slick interpretation of the fetish looks that are whipping the season's catwalks into shape.

The Josefine basque's lace curves smooth the body into its chicest form- with an air of Parisian glamour, you'll just have to get the silky boudoir and tall-dark-and-handsome to match.

Josefine basque and briefs

If I had to choose a favourite, it would be the Niki set, if not purely because it solves that most basic of bedroom problems, since the dawn of the brassiere- a zip instead of a bra clasp. It's the latest in boyfriend-friendly technology.

My six week stay with the genuinely lovely Lascivious ladies has flown by, and I would like to thank them very much for having me, and for being so eager for me to learn from and enjoy my time with them- I hope I've been handy! I will be sad not to see you all next Monday morning, but I hope we can stay in touch.

I suppose all that remains for me to say is I'm going to be adding a piece or two of this brilliantly naughty lingerie to my Christmas list- because Santa, I've been a very, very bad girl all year, I promise...

Visit Lascivious here and see for yourself!

Photos from Lascivious website and Asos.com.
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  1. Hey Rose! Thanks for stopping by my blog! What an amazing opportunity you have...grab it with both hands girl!!
    Check out my outfit post tomorrow & if you love please follow xoxo

  2. Beautiful lingerie and the photos are so stunning in black and white! You have a gift for writing girl! xoxoxoo

  3. Wow! Congratulations on the internship that sounds so exciting. Lascivious is definitely one of the best lingerie brands there is.

  4. Goregous...thanks for the intro and congrats on making it through what sounded like a worthwhile internship! x x R


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