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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Skin deep

Cymbeline- 2011

Good things come to those who wait. But what's glamorous about waiting? What self-respecting starlet would stand for being scribbled on the waiting list; drum their manicured fingers while humming to "please hold" music; peer over superior shoulders, hovering at the wrong end of the queue?

The waiting game? They just won't stand for it. But there'd be a standing ovation for these... Because these looks don't leave a girl hanging; taking 'brand' eerily literally, for these designers fabric is just the beginning, scrawling their signatures straight onto your bones. Flesh and fashion meld until each complexion sweats with pattern, and colour-steeped pores glow to show a style so strong, it'll creep right under your skin...

Picked from a few recent seasons, it's some of the best ways to be at one with your garment...but be careful what you wish for. Take care to check now and then that it's you wearing the dress, not (quite) the other way around. Flaunt these show-stoppers a little too long, and under the heat of paparrazi flash you might not feel the cold glitter start to steel through your veins, or the lace gracefully unfurling across your throat...

Maybe beauty is better left safe in its seams, resting tame and muted inside carefully defined sartorial lines. How close is too close? Perhaps these models found out...

Wandering motifs at Marchesa

Marchesa- Fall 2010

 Marchesa- Fall 2010
Marchesa- Fall 2010

Gilded limbs at Michael Van Der Ham

Michael Van Der Ham, Spring 2010
Michael Van Der Ham, Spring 2010

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(All photos are from the respective designers websites.)


  1. The third dress is breathtakingly beautiful! I absolutely adore your writing! I think that it's important to wear clothes that make you feel good! xoxoxoo

  2. The Marchesa pieces are gorgeous! :)

  3. i've just fallen in love with the second photo's dress.... it's AMAZING!



  4. These are amazing. I really love the Michael Van Der Ham..Wow. Fucking brilliant. Great post!

  5. Gorgeous pics!!


  6. Haha, 'wandering motifs'. These are so elaborate and they offer such a grand atmosphere to the gowns.

  7. ♥ nice post.)) love your blog.)) ♥

  8. Embroidered tan coloured body suits always leave me thinking about ice skating costumes. Which I kind of love so...

    & thank your for your gorgeous comment. Followed back!

  9. i have seen something similar on fashion nerdic, what is fashion and what is the accessory. i love it when people take it to the next level! the flowers and the delicate accessories look amazing and they become part of your skin/body.

  10. wow these are absolutely lovely. the fourth photo down from the top is my favorite. love it!

    thank you so much for your lovely comment on our blog - we really appreciate it <3

    hope you'll come visit us again soon!
    xo, camilla & valerie

  11. I love everything about this post!! Getting really into sticking jeweled body art onto myself so I can totally relate! Thanks for such a great post xxx :)

  12. Love these collections :)

    Would you mind visiting/commenting/following my blog?


  13. oo love the lace tattoos <3

  14. absolutely love this! gorgeous idea, thanks for posting!


  15. Love the Marchesa gown 2010! Beauts Rosie. x


  16. mmmm right on I love fashoin cappuccino!
    I love the motifs that have a bit of a pixie/elvish vibe, pretty into that look :)

  17. amazing!

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    Valerie and Camilla

  18. i really like these! that first photo is amazing!!! :)



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