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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

It's the little things

Keeping cosy by the fire...it won't make the headlines, but it'll make you happy

"Whipped-up spray that is rainbow-scattered
And a swallow curving in the sky
Shoes so comfy though they’re worn out and they’re battered
And the taste of apple pie.

So I mustn’t forget
No, I mustn’t forget
To say a great big thank you
I mustn’t forget. 
~ Estelle White, Autumn Days

The last one. Shit. Knew I should have seen this coming.

I mutter and furrow my soapy brow at my only remaining hair-tie sprawled on the bathroom tiles. Its spring has sprung right out of it, along with its usefulness, purpose and raison d'etre. I'd worn it out, putting it to work with a flippant twist, morning after morning after morning after- oh. And suddenly, it just... wasn't, any more.

What if it hadn't been a spindly old hairband that had snapped into uselessness in an unexpected instant? (...can you see where I'm going with this yet?). What if it had been something else round, ancient and pretty darn essential? Tenuous link, I know, but go with it...what if Mr Harold Camping, of Family Radio, had actually been onto something with reckoning the End-of-the-World-as-we-know-it would happen around dinner-time last Saturday? What if he had seen us stop sniggering as he and his followers floated up to the Big Guy in the Sky, as the chaos began below? And what would you have thought when the streets started to rumble forbodingly beneath your feet?

What memories would have flickered behind your frozen gaze, before the lamplight cracked and was lost to the thundering shadows? 

As the "Autumn Days" assembly hymn used to teach our primary school selves, it's not just the big deals that make our world what it is. Thing's don't have to be rare to be special. So I wanted to make sure I remembered what makes my day, every day.
Yeah, this sounds cheesily twee now, but I'll bet many a dinosaur wished they'd taken time to savour their favourite watering hole/tufty gress/Stegasaurus-steak house, as they spied a meteor suddenly casting its mercilessly speeding shadow over the plains...

It's those lazy morning breakfasts...

...and watching the evenings drawing in
Kicking off the sandals for sunbathing...
...but sloshing through the slush too
Hours well spent celebrating with friends...
...or just keeping a book company.
Eating (pizza)  in...
...or eating (pizza) out.
In fact, there's a lot to love about Italia
...like the view from my room
...and my fly (definitely legally obtained) ride, for spinning about town...
There's always the canal-crossed paradise a train-ride away
But the homeland will always be where the heart is...
...with beautiful views of its own.
Knowing that family, and its furry friends, are important, every day.
I've let the pictures do the talking for me, but to summerise: there's a lot that I have to love. And a lot to look forward to. When the lights go out, I'll know what I've been lucky enough to live.

What will you remember?

(Don't be shy, step right up! Leave me a comment and tell me what you're thinkin'...)


  1. wonderful photos!! these places look fantastic!! and the breakfast spread looks delicious <3

  2. I love the look from your room! It looks so romantic! And the blue sandals are so pretty! xoxoxoo

  3. Hey Rose! Wow, thank you for sharing that link! I love the cars, they're small and a convertible! Exactly what I like :-) xooxoxo

  4. Complimenti!!! Post davvero grazioso...le immagini sono stupende! ♥
    grazie per il commentino! un bacione


  5. Whow Rosie is does look different on here! Loving the pictures :) x

  6. I'll remember the taste of coffee on a cool summer morning, the smell of freshly cut grass. xo

  7. Great photo's. x

  8. that cat picture is amazing! but so are all of these.. great post

  9. hey rose! thanks for visiting my blog! your pictures are lovely--oh how i'd love to live in italy! even just for gelato and pasta alone!! yum!

  10. great view from your window!
    Forever Chic,

  11. That morning breakfast looks soooooo tasty.


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