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Friday, September 16, 2011

Like a Sunday morning

An ideal Sunday activity? Long chats over cafe cake.

Lyrically famed for its ease. Officially proclaimed The Day of Chillax. It has even been fondly awarded a seperate newspaper to the rest of the week on the assumption that, as you'll be looking to leisure out on the sofa/park grass/bed/beach all day, you'll probably need something to do while you're down there. Glossy supplements a-plenty slink from the broadsheets, soothing 9-to-5-ed eyes with the bright and the beautiful. Sunday might be the weeks last, but least it is not- from inside our snuggest hoodies, we can saunter through arts, fashion, literature and photography from across the globe, without padding further than the newsagents. Culture as easy as one, two, cuppa-tea.

But... it's Monday tomorrow... for many a day synonymous with clock-watching, uniform, railway platforms...  morning streets a drifting panorama of umbrella domes and parapets, weary pinstripes and pencil skirts housed beneath.
These artists take the edge off the commute by keeping it weekender all day every day...why save easy-access culture for Sunday best?

Carmen Chang- Before I Die
(have a nosey at her website here. The photos below are from her website.)

It's one simple question with an endless flurry of answers. Carman Chang transformed a street corner in New Orleans into a real turning point (see what she did there...). Leaving chalk for passersby to fill in the gaps, she conjured a charming harmony of the quirky, the cliché, the random and the romantic from what could have been just another walk-on-by.

(see more gorgeous wire designs here. The photos below are from their website.)

The Dutch design house Demakersvan rejects the idea that basics should be... basic. Under their steely touch, the humble fence becomes capable of so much more than simply splitting apart A and B. It might even distract from the destinations it divides, unfurling and flowering into a sight-to-see in it's own right.

Iepe & The Anonymous Crew
(have a looksy here for more on the film they made...)

Adding a little colour to the commute at an intersection in Berlin, Iepe and his team of guerilla painting cyclists tipped rainbow puddles onto the road, which were spread and stretched onto previously joyless grey concrete by over 2000 vehicles. It was all water-based and environmentally friendly, so hopefully no-one got cross, and there was nothing left to do but enjoy driving through what looked like a giant's paint-ball fight.

Here's hoping your weekend is worth the wait, and Sunday is the relax-a-thon it should be... :)  

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  1. I've seen those wire designs before and I just LOVE them! Mentioned them in a post about a year ago about my love for lacy stuff.

    Anyway love your blog--and the name is brilliant!

  2. Rosie!! Guess what? I bought a silver top in keeping with my blog post for next week :D SO EXCITED! <3 xxx


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